Sunday, March 7, 2010

Miss Bitch !

Supplies Needed: PSP 9

Animation Shop

Alien Skin Eye Candy

Glass and Gradient Glow

I'm using the amazing work of Ismael Rac
You must Purchase a Lic No to use his work
Please do not use with out one thank you

Scrap Kit from Larua's Designz
Hot Cotton Candy
Mask of choice I used Monti blinds 20
Template from Linda thank you
No supplies

:::Lets Get Started:::
Open your template and duplicate shut the original down
delete the credit layer
Image Canvas Size and make it 800 so we have room to play
open a paper of your choice and apply mask
open a tube of choice and change the colour of the template to suit
the text layer i made the hot pink to match and the shape layer
behind it i changed to black to stand out
click on the black rectangle edit select all edit float edit defloat
chose a paper of choice and paste as a new layer selections invert hit
the delete key add the following drop shadow

do the same for the other rectangle layer using a different paper
add the same drop shadow
if you have a close up shot of your tube
click the black circle edit select all edit float edit defloat
place the tube as a new layer and selection invert hit the delete key
go up to effects texture effects and blinds use the following settings on
the close up tube
4,20 white, H
Go to the black oval layer and do the same with the blind settings
open the bits of pink elements and place behind the template in front of mask
duplicate and move around till you get what you like
For the little stars i used a glass setting from
Alien Skin Eye Candy
Open up your main tube and place
add a drop shadow
add your name
add a Gradient Glow if you would like
Open up the bow curled resize and place up the top add a drop shadow
duplicate and resize again adding it to your name at the bottom
add your cr and add another layer flood fill it with white and move to the bottom

copy merged and paste in to animation shop
back to psp
click on the close up and then lower the opacity a bit
copy merged paste after current frame in AS
back to psp and re do with the opacity
back to AS place after current frame
ok you should have 3 frames
3rd frame should be just about gone the close up
copy 2nd frame and place after the 3rd frame
copy 1st frame paste after 4th frame
copy 2nd frame again and place after last frame
change frame speed to 40 save and your done


This Tutorial was written by Tracey aka Sox on March 8th ,2010 please feel free to LINK to the tutorial and/or print it out for for your own personal use, but please do not copy it in any way to put online, pas out or re-write without permission . The image you create using this tutorial is for you to do what you wish except for monetary gains or for Merchandising or Paid Membership© Tracey aka Sox 2008 Any Resemblance to another tutorial is purely coincidental.

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